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The game hasn't been released yet. It's in private beta as of a few days ago. And after a little hunting, there's some mention of transit.

But the game won't be a true simulation anymore than SimCity was. Wouldn't it be nice to have a game that functioned as an actual city? Annexing land, having the state build highways through, etc. It'd be a real challenge to produce a beautiful city, but it'd be rewarding.


And now their site is down. Look what happens when you rely solely on larger and larger highways? :)


A friend who played SimCity quite abit said that the best city she'd built had only rail transit, and no private vehicles. The main benefits were:

- Much less pollution than equivalent sized cities,
- The residents and the city were wealthier because they didn't have to spend large amounts of money on vehicles or its infrastructure,
- Much fewer deaths & injuries due to vehicle traffic.


There is a plug-in for Sim City 4 that can make the game a little more "realistic."

Simtropolis Network Addon Mod (NAM)

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