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Peter S.

Right on! I'm quite sure I owe you a beer or coffee while you are in Seattle.


I sure hope I'm available when you're in Vancouver, I'd love to come and hear your talk!

Alon Levy

I don't think we're going to intersect - I'm going to be in Paris between the 27th and the 9th, though.

I'd love to hear your impressions of transit in Singapore. While I rode the MRT and the buses fairly regularly, that was before I became a transit geek. I remember the city as being really unwalkable, though.


Just came back from San Francisco myself Friday.

Muni and the intransigence of its employees union has been the leading story in print and broadcast media over the past week.

The Examiner ran a story showed that Muni had the highest proportion of workers making more than $100,000 among the U.S.'s 10 biggest transit systems.


Well, if you are wandering France and going to Munich you should as well check out Strasbourg and Karlsruhe transit systems. They have both very famous streetcar networks. But I think you already now about them.

Or you can go to Rennes to gave a look at what that very small city is doing in terms of subway & urban density.

That's a pretty intensive trip around the world you are doing here.

Lauri Kangas

Looks like we'll be relatively close globally, but still some way apart. I'll be in Strasbourg from the 30th of June, moving to Freiburg on the 4th of July, then Basel on the 7th and finally to Zürich on the 10th before flying back home to Helsinki on the 14th.

Zürich supposedly has one of the best public transport systems in the world, so you should probably try it if you haven't already done so. On the negative side it is also an extremely expensive place.


Oh oh please post specific information about your talks, specifically Vancouver, as soon as it becomes available. Thank you. =)

Cap'n Transit

So, do you think you'll ever get to the East Coast of North America?

Jarrett at HumanTransit.org

Cap'n.  Hey, I'm a consultant, which means that for the right price I'll go anywhere!  When travelling on my own dime, though, commitments to family and friends define the basic arc.  I'd love to see NYC and DC again, though, and will try to work it into next summer's trip, if not sooner.

Joseph E

Any chance of stopping in Los Angeles on your way from SF to Las Vegas? If time is an issue, perhaps we could meet you at the airport.


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Jarrett, I can't find any mention of your July 29 presentation in Seattle on the Great City website. Can you confirm it and is it open to the public or do I have to register if I want to hear you?

Jarrett at HumanTransit.org

They assure me it's open to the public with no charge.  Should be promoted soon.  Tx Jarrett

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