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Not all the comments over at Yglesias' blog are accurate of course--in particular, the suggestion that Vancouver, WA residents can work in Oregon but not pay Oregon income tax.

But Vancouver does pose an interesting dilemma for the Oregon side of the river. Oregon's land-use laws, and the presence of an unusually strong MPO (Metro), have damped down the flight-to-the-suburbs forces which have severely damaged many American cities--yet Vancouver and other nearby Washington communities (Battle Ground, Camas, etc), are subject to neither. This has prompted Vancouver to be the recipient of much I-don't-care-about-the-city migration, and to have generally lower housing costs as well. This dynamic probably amplifies much of the cross-border friction, and has made the signature cross-border infrastructure project, the Columbia River Crossing, that much more controversial.

Peter S.

Washington State has fairly progressive growth management legislation, but it seems that there is plenty of wiggle room for bad development in Vancouver, WA (or "Bad Vancouver" as some call it).

Here in the Seattle area, I'd like to think that the Growth Management Act is pushing us to plan better. Could it be that Portland is marching forward out of desire, whereas Vancouver is being dragged along by Washington's GMA? Or is it that growth management is simply newer in Washington than in Oregon (enacted in 1991 v. early 1970's respectively)? Maybe Vancouver is improving, but just starting from behind Portland?

Or, is it that Washington's GMA isn't as progressive or forward looking as I'd like to believe? "Develop beyond the UGB? That's unpossible!"

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