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All anthems sound pretty dirgy after you've heard those of Uruguay or Paraguay a few times - I kept expecting to look up at my tv and see a line of can-can dancers or something when they were playing.

Alon Levy

Vuvuzelas all make the same note, but don't produce a pleasing chord when played together.


That foul noise is permanently seared on my brain now.


The sound would make a superb background for The Swarm.


You mean the 1970's B movie (or is that "bee" movie) in which Houston gets burned to the ground?


I loved being able to whisk into Frankfurt on the S-Bahn (metro) or U-bahn (really a light rail outside the city) to party with 100,000 other fans during the 2006 World Cup in Germany. But we also had a lot of fun in the small towns partying in the streets where the main entertainment was a number of fans in cars driving back and forth from one rotary to the next honking and wildly waving their countries flags out the windows and sunroofs. Wasn't particularly environmentally friendly, but it was worth getting the car out of the underground garage to join the parade. Glad you had a chance to experience the festivities in Amsterdam after the Dutch victory this year!


You write well will be waiting for your new publications.

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