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Interesting, I ended up doing IT, but reading the interview I thought that I too was obsessed with maps and studied humanities, and get lost when people give me direction like take a right after the bakery..

One question, I keep hearing that battery driven busses really are unlikely to be practical. Basic issues are to my knowledge physical. First of all batteries add considerable amounts of weight. Second and more important is that they take time to charge. In case of a personal cars this is not such a big deal, they mostly sit idle, but busses need to run all day. Yes, I guess you could have some kind of system for chancing the batteries but this adds cost and complexity.

Related to this, something I think tends to be forgotten is that the main reason basic humble bus is cost competetive is because the vehicles themselves are relatively cheap, simple and thus easy to maintain vehicles manufactured on large scale. Special busses tend to have special price tags.

Jhenifer @ TransLink

High five, Jarrett. Thanks so much for the interview!

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