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I may draft a guest post or two when my own workload declines in a couple of weeks.

Joe Clark

It’s disingenuous to list how busy and successful and in-demand you are on the one hand while also begging your readers to backstop a project that, by rights, would rest dormant while you attended to your busyness and success. We aren’t here to bail you out of your time poverty.

In other words, if you’re really that busy, something’s gotta give. In further other words, you aren’t so important, and neither is your blog, that both couldn’t take a break.


There's something of a point in that. But certainly as soliciting guest posts go, it is probably for most people likely to be less a matter of charity and more a matter of exposing their ideas to a wider audience than normal, and publicising their ordinary blogs and suchlike in so doing.


Jarrett - would love to hear your viewpoints on the ACE BRT project in Las Vegas.

It was initially promoted as a cheaper implementation of light rail - with some dedicated transit priority lanes, special light-rail-like vehicles and off-vehicle fare payment. It launched in March 2010. Here are a couple of articles describing the promise.


In September 2010 they are apparently just running regular buses on the routes, and have discontinued ACE branding. ACE lasted less than 6 months. Was it just the justification to get some federal government money? Or to avoid bigger investment?


Stephen Smith

Damn, Joe Clark, touchy, arenchya! But like Zoltán said – people are more likely to choose to contribute for their own selfish reasons than as a selfless sacrifice to the all-mighty Human Transit blog.

And Jarrett – I normally blog at marketurbanism.com, and I'm working on a post that should be done around Monday on the Great American Streetcar Scandal that I'd love for you to crosspost to your blog (or are you only looking for original/exclusive pieces...?). I'll send you an email when I'm done with it and you can read and consider it.


Make "headway"! [insert rim shot]


Have you heard of Cities In Motion? It appears to be a successor of Traffic Giant. Here is the Youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FemH4GhEqEs and here is their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/Citiesinmotion

What are your thoughts on this public transit simulator?


Carl, that article is a tad bit misleading for those who arent familiar with the Vegas situation. It appears that the branding has been removed from one of 2 ace lines. The Gold Ace line, which runs down the strip, still has the branding in place. That line runs in conjunction with the flagship Deuce line.


What do you think about this: a public campaign by the Transit Union in Toronto touting examples of 'failed' contracting out. With your Australian experience, you mihgt be able to weigh in with a bit more gravitas.



Jarrett, I'd like to see your (or other contributors') thoughts on the recently released public transport master plan for Perth. It seems to be a bit of a mishmash, with more of the same heavy rail, some light rail (because it's sexy) and the much-needed orbital / cross town routes handled by rapid buses sometime beyond 2031.


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