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Thank YOU! This is one of the most interesting blogs I keep tabs on, especially considering that it's totally out of the scope of what I normally do and care about (agriculture). It's just absolutely fascinating.


Thank you Jarrett for all your excellent posts, Keep it up! I've been visiting your blog for roughly a year, and have learned quite a bit. Thanks.

Carter R

LA finally beats SF in something transit related!


Thanks for a fascinating couple of years, Jarrett, and here's to many more.

I'm quite amazed that Vancouver came out so convincingly on top of the viewing statistics - I'm not sure of the significance of that. I've always thought of Toronto as being a more transit-oriented city, but perhaps I'm wrong on that. Or maybe it's just because more of our local bloggers (such as Gordon Price of Price Tags) have linked to you...

Alon Levy

I'm more than a little annoyed by the lack of Northeastern readership. The planners in New York, and I think to a large extent also the other cities in the area, could definitely use your advice on stop spacing, frequency-oriented branding, and how things work abroad. The only differentiation of service over here is subway vs. Potemkin BRT vs. regular bus, with no understanding of frequency - as a result of which, the city chooses wrong corridors to upgrade and makes little effort to improve the regular buses.

Chris M

Just want to add to the heap of praise you've received Jarret. One of my favourite blogs, and probably the one I've learned the most from. Not being a transit planner that learning may be of limited use, but I've enjoyed it nonetheless.


Ah Jarret. You are a rare bird indeed, with a wonderful perspective on transit planning (loved the transfer vs. connection post!) Your manifesto says it all. If only there were more like you!

I'm very glad I found your blog. Keep up the great work, and congratulations on your two year anniversary! Also, best of luck with your upcoming book.

BTW - I also really appreciate the quality of the comments you get here, which is far and away above the standard of those on the other transit blogs I've visited. So congratulations to your commenters too!

James A

Congratulations, Jarrett. Although I don't post nearly as often as I should or could, I'm sure I account for a majority of those pageviews from Germany. Keep up the good work!


I also thank you. This blog is so interesting and well written, both posts and comments. And, like Ben said, totally out of the scope of what I normally do. I am learning a lot and look forward to continue learning even more. I even have a guest post in my mind.

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