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Chris Bradshaw

I am not an artist, but I have a graphic to suggest: a person is shown "wearing" a bus, that is pliable and comfortable.

Morgan Wick

I am also not an artist, but I too have a graphic to suggest: a blank white field, with the only non-text elements being a horizontal blue line with two circles on it (representing "stations") and a WALK light silhouette "walking" on the line between them. Optional: A fully-developed transit map watermarked into the background, so light as to barely change the color - metaphorically pushing transit's complexity into the background and bringing its simplicity into the foreground.


I'm not an artist but a journalist . If I was looking at your poem I'd wonder if words could be removed, thus:
Clear thinkIng
about transit
can change communities
and lives.

If I was designing the cover I'd put a single horizontal black diagonal line holding one station marker and the words human transit.
Subtitle and author down the bottom in a cityscape silhouette motif.

In Brisbane

A photo of general public people walking in the street taken at eye level, and above each one a small white circle with black plain letters a three digit number and their destination or names, just like a bus or subway train has destinations. You could even put via X if you wanted to.

The essence of the image? To depict Life in Motion.

So I don't have an image or any graphic design skills, but I can offer that idea.

In Brisbane

If you use my idea, one of the destinations must be Brisbane!!!


Not a graphic artist, but I was thinking using the ped signal "walk guy" as a simple shape for some transit lines or rails or something crossing.

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