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Tom West

Looks like you need a new spam filter Jarette :-)

I would argue that stat has a certain selection bias... ballot initiatives to raise taxes are probably only put to voters when the proponents think they have a decent chnace of winning.

Tom West

Whoops, I meant "Jarett"! Sorry!


Arizona Transit Association? Does the state have more than three systems?

Jarrett at HumanTransit.org

Yes, Wad.  Far more.


Judging by the membership of the Arizona Transit association, the state has very few significant general-access systems. Most of the members are senior or disabled groups and hospitals, who clearly provide *specialized* transportation. Others seem to be providers of approximately one bus route. There are also activist groups, the state roads department, etc.

It's certainly good to get all those groups together in one place, but frankly the actual provision of service appears tiny.

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