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Morgan Wick

The real question is, how come the most important public comment periods are the least well-known?

Jeffrey Bridgman

HOV lanes + BRT-ish stuff! :D


The issue with that is the same as transit on highways in general; the walk access time is great, thus coverage is poorer than anything else for a given acceptable walk time. Walk access to highways is also often problematic for those that tend to feel particularly vulnerable in public space.

Presently, "frequent" (read: at least every 20 minutes most of the time; properly frequent at peak times) local buses run on Barbur Boulevard, the main road for that part of Portland, close to which the highway (I-5) runs. This seems like a more desirable place for transit to be, be it rail or bus.

Carla Kenyon

GAH. Just when I'm about to leave Portland they start doing this.

I live in St. Johns (North Portland) and work near Bridgeport. Basically I spend my commute imagining how they could get light rail along that part of I-5.


I just read this post and looked over the website and I must say I am extremely jealous. Here in Baltimore, major decisions are made behind closed doors and public input is little more than a formality.


"The real question is, how come the most important public comment periods are the least well-known?"

Public agencies have not figured out how to get early planning studies into the newspapers and on TV.

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