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This video has had millions of views, in just over a week since it was released. Let's hope that (wherever the viewers are) the message is getting across.

I'm not clear on how and why they're selling so many downloads of the song on iTunes, given it's also available for free (via the dumbwaystodie.com web site).

Locally it's been accompanied by full page ads in some newspapers.

Aaron Priven

I enjoy any video with dancing zombie anthropomorphic jelly beans.


It's an interesting approach. Most safety PSAs naturally have a fear-based message, i.e. "if you do this, you'll die." The problem is that the average person who does dangerous things around trains figures it doesn't apply to them since they assume they are too clever and quick-witted to get hit. However, this message is primarily shame-based, "if you do this and you die, people will think you were really stupid." I have a feeling this might be not only more entertaining but more effective.


Here's a story I wrote wherein I interview the songwriter and the advertising bloke behind this catchy catchy song


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