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Hibai Unzueta

Although I agree with your editor, that was a good summary of many of the points you cover in the book.

Happy holidays Mr Walker and all the readers in the weblog!

Ashley Morton

Hi Jarrett.

I like the post a lot - I've forwarded it to a few people.

(Now for the unrelated question. I didn't know how best to post this, but I thought that in a comments section - rather than a private email - might be better, because others might be interested in the answer.)

We here in Halifax are working on the process of starting a transit users' group. Of course, simply telling bus & ferry riders - most of whom use the services for necessity and not out of a political choice - that they should join and become active in the group is tough. It's not inherently obvious to a person who's not naturally political that having a voice for transit users is valuable.

So we don't want to claim to speak on behalf of anyone, at least not yet, but we do intend to start participating as much as we can in municipal planning discussions. To that end, I was wondering whether you were aware of any municipalities who require a 'transit impact study' or something like it on new residential construction?

Here in Halifax (and I'm sure this is very common), an applicant must do a traffic impact study for any new development to demonstrate that the existing road network won't be wrecked by their plans. However, it seems to me that identifying and labelling transit-unserviceable projects during their approvals process would be a good thing. As you say, choices can be made, and they can still be built, but the fact that they can never reasonably be serviced by public transit should be labelled during the decision-making process.

Are you aware of any examples of this being required during rezoning/development approvals processes?



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