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Jeffrey Bridgman

So if it's cheaper to buy tons of bubble-wrap, we can deploy that instead of more service? Bubble-wrap doesn't need any benefits, retirement, or insurance, ya know ;)


On an aside, the article actually shows a stop on one of Milan's tram lines, where it operates in reserved track. So if anyone's waiting there for a bus, they'll be there a long time! (Unless, like Jarrett, they'll be happy to take the first convenient vehicle that comes).

Chris M.

So I guess people can tolerate slower in-transit speeds as well if they're not bored. I think we're back to the Disneyland transit idea.


The linked article refers to a NY Times article on the psychology of queues, with the following quote relevant to the transit experience:

"Uncertainty magnifies the stress of waiting, while feedback in the form of expected wait times and explanations for delays improves the tenor of the experience."

Ted Re

@Brent - for me, this summarises the situation perfectly: uncertainty. Nextbus is the best ever: you can time your sprint to the bus stop to the minute, or if waiting for a connection, go shopping for a bit, if you live somewhere nice like San Francisco. If your stuck nowhere, then you should pray for a lot of bubblewrap.

Jack Horner

See http://www.thepoke.co.uk/2012/03/05/guerillas-on-the-london-underground/stress-twig/
for a London Underground alternative.

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