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Nice talk. Your thoughts apply to a much wider arena than just transportation.

Ben Hackenberger

As a 20 year old currently studying at Pomona, I just want to let you know first that the College has not discontinued its tradition of overwatering the campus, and us students have (and probably will never) stop complaining about it while hypocritically lounging in the grassy shade on Marston. Second, and more importantly, I want to thank you for posting this, as I think you've described to a T the discomfort my classmates and I felt upon entering Pomona. The notion that "this isn't exactly everything" has come to embody, in a certain sense, what it means to be a Pomona student, and perhaps an undergrad at any school as we're bombarded by an obsession with career development advice and anxiety.

I'm sure every student feels this way at some point during college, but I've felt especially strange this year pursuing my interest in urban studies and planning from the perspective of the Claremont bubble. I realize you didn't mean for your advice to be specific to Claremont students, but it definitely resonates with my experience at Pomona today and with life in Claremont. I find it an interesting contradiction to think about how Claremont would/will/does link into the LA public transit system when the city's success and tranquility stem almost entirely from its ability to disconnect socioeconomically from that grid and the surrounding areas.


Ben. Thanks so much for the comment, and for your very accurate read on the cultural dynamics and self-image of so many university towns. ...

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