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Shaken or stirred?


More stress and a certain, on-edge wildness, if you're going for 'coffee', I'm afraid...



but what of Agent Dale Cooper? He was a master of cool in the face of the terrifying (if at times prone to on-edge wildness) and very often holding a mug of black coffee.

Then again, you wouldn't catch Jarrett expressing Agent Cooper's love for rural life in a place we are to presume completely devoid of local transit.

Eric O

Perhaps feature a hipster on a bike for your next cover. That would take care of this problem.

Eric O

I'm still caught up on that "light breeze" part. Not bad for a Portland writer, hey.

Robert Wightman

To give you the "Martini Look" you would need to borrow one of Sean Connery's wigs and tuxedos. To me you are more of "Tea, Earl Grey Hot" person a la Jean Luc Picard.


Maybe it's his stint in Oz, but Jarrett's dome reminds me more of Peter Garrett (Midnight Oil's frontman) than Patrick Stewart.

Or as I suspect he tells the replicator in his quarters: "Beer. Bridgeport. Cold".


Eric Goodman

You do know we're counting on the local distilleries to revive our urban centers now that beermakers have lost the anti-gluten crowd. But Martini's - meh. Cognac is made for writing.


I don't know, I love a good cup of coffee. It makes me feel engergized and it elevates my mood! We need to stop the negative stereotypes of coffee drinking, like TRANSIT! See, it all comes together.


It makes me feel energized and engergized. Why not.


EngineerScotty. Inside I'm much more like Patrick Stewart than Peter Garrett, but I do tend to bounce around in some speaking settings, which is admittedly a Garrett trademark.


It's the profile pic (greenery, dappled light) and the voice...

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