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Edward Osiowy

Very sad news. Paul Mees was a brave advocate for public transport; and effectively introduced and presented the idea of the network approach to public transport provision - in Australia over the last decade and a half. I’ve gone to hear him speak several times and he gave me valuable advice and great encouragement when I sought his views for my Masters project. His passion and enthusiasm for his advocacy work and research into public transport have inspired many (including myself) and his huge legacy will only continue to grow.


I am so sad to hear about this. I constantly talk about Paul Mees and his charge that transit planners have to stop making excuses and just make transit work in both low and high density areas.

His book Transport for Suburbia is one of my staple books.

I hope a new generation of planners will take up this cause and strive to make public transit the best it can be in all kinds of environments.


I enjoyed reading A Very Public Solution a decade ago, and was saddened to hear of his death.

Eric Doherty

Somehow I missed this sad news back in June. I still consult Mees' A Very Public Solution regularly - I think it is still the best English language resource on the network effect.

Paul Mees convinced me that you can't do competent transit planning without understanding the network effect.

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