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Jonathan Hallam


Joe Busman

We have evolved to the point where we might spend millions to save a single life, countless hours and staff digging to save a girl down a hole not to mention the hours and staff of media to cover it. By the same token, haven't we also spent billions and stripped our Constitution to protect us against terrorism which killed fewer Americans in 2001 than cars or even drowning? However, keep in mind how incredibly productive we are and how much money we have at our disposal. If you looked up all the things the government spends on pork barrel, a few million to save kittens on a subway track is nothing. At the same time, even in transit planning, a single old person at a board meeting can stop the agency from raising fares for seniors or changing a route. Emotions rule us more than we would like to think. In fact, we are primarily irrational/emotional thinkers who only think we're mostly rational.


Humans are not rational creatures. If a single life was this important, why have we not banned the car? Wouldn't we be willing to be late for wrok for the sake of 30,000 human lives each year.


So that's why you're wrong about so many things. ;-) Because you love murderious, amoral, psychopathic killers who devastate the ecology!

(Only 90% kidding.)

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