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Well we all know about your anti-forklift bias.


She tried to spam me with a forklift! (100 nerd points if you get the reference)


Mode doesn't matter, it's the frequency of the forklift that is important! A fleet of frequent forklifts = freedom.


I highly recommend this German video regarding forklift operation:

I am sure it will give you some deep insight into an often neglected field of transport.




We can replace our existing freight network with a fleet of autonomous forklifts (we'll call it Personal Rapid Shipping). Imagine a giant warehouse with a new forklift carrying a pallet arriving and departing every five seconds or so, and automatically routed in an intelligent guideway to its destination.

Such a technology will make impersonal freight-handling technology such as containerization and use of trucks or trains, were pallets from different walks of life are herded together like cattle, and allow the benefits of public shipment without all the hassle and waiting time. Such technology can even extend to the suburbs, and be usable by those folks who refuse to ship via truck (or are poorly served by the irregular pickup/delivery schedules of most freight agencies), without requiring them to own a van of their own.

Personal Rapid Shipping is clearly the wave of the future.

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Walt R

Comment spam on a post about guest-posting spam?

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