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eric britton

Thanks for that good note Jarrett. Now what about our signing you up as a World Eyes on the Street. You can see the whole story at Http:// Eric Britton

Jarrett at

My last email to was returned as
undeliverable. Trying this way. Let me know if you receive.

emlyn hatch

Hi Jarrett. Just got July figures for new Tauranga service. 101,400. Thats compares to 81,609 the previous month in June and 96,200 one year ago in July 2008.
Just over 29,000 on the new Mount - Greerton direct routes.

Steve Rogers

Hi Jarrett,
Still following the transit master plan you wrote and slowly increasing service hours. The City Council will consider a new funding source, increased service hours and a fareless system in the spring.

Steve Rogers, City of Corvallis

Jeff Welch


Love this blog, and have added it to the "Links We Like" on my own, the Puget Sound Transit Operators blog. Please consider visiting and adding PSTO to your Agency and Operator Blogs links. Regardless - will be reading HT's great articles and updates.

Dan Goldfischer

Your blog is excellent...what do you think about the plan to build a "straddling bus" in Beijing? See

Jarrett at

Dan.  See here.


Hi Jarrett,
You got any interesting info/views on late-night transport?

Jarrett at

Alice. I'm all for it! Jarrett

Adrienne Heim

I thought this was a wonderful thought piece to share because as planners we want to engage with the community in order reduce negative externalities such as congestion, GHG's, over consumption of vital/scarce resources but the way that we display our actions should be taken delicately. We do not want to appear to strip the rights away from U.S. citizens or appear to become less democratic. However, we must stress equality for all lifestyles and living conditions for all and that means funding for highway maintenance and bicycle lanes but and a strong but we must also stress the true costs of using one or the other. Especially when automobile ownership and automobile storage i.e. parking is concerned! That's my 2 cents for 2011~

Deborah Webb

Has Sydney ever thought of improving peak hour traffic congestion by extending the peak hour thereby thinning the congestion? The way to do this is to introduce different start and finish times for workers. A good example of this is the public sector in the ACT. Here employees are required to be at their desk between certain set hours, but outside of these they can select their own start and finish time each day between 7.30am and 6.30pm so long as they put in 80 hours a fortnight.

Another way of thinning traffic may be for schools to start either earlier or later than the traditional peak hour.

I also wonder how many people are aware of the car pool websites in Sydney. I know car pooling is tricky as many drivers do things before and after work, maybe only once a week, thereby upsetting the routine for others in their pool. However I suspect that car pooling could be increased if individuals really put their minds to it.


Hi Jarret,

The skateboard is an unassuming little vehicle with extraordinary powers of both transport and health. Have you given any thought to it? I'll begin to read through your blog in the meantime.



Sylvester Black

Finding your website was refreshing after a recent vacation in Branson Mo. I have determined that having access to public transportation, sidewalks, close clusters of shops, and activity are a lot more fun that spending time in the car. I live close enough to public transportation in Chicago's suburbs to go downtown twice a week. I am having a hard time figuring out which southern/southeastern USA cities have good transportation, good outdoor city spaces, and extensive sidewalks other than some Texas cities. Please help me or all of my southern vacations will have to be in Austin, Houston or Dallas.

Mr. Green

I just found this blog while researching public transportation access and options. I am an airline Captain and I find this subject intriguing. I believe our current system of transportation can benefit from from more peer to peer sharing. So much so that I just launched a new multi-mode, peer to peer transportation sharing website for the U.S and Canada. I plan to expand it to other countries as traffic builds. The site is free to the user and free of ads. I believe it will benefit the community on many levels.

The site is

Please check it out if you have time. I'd love your feedback.


very nice blog to check out and to work with...

Josh Green


Josh Green here, editor at Curbed Atlanta. Here's a link to a post (below) about a transit tax proposal that might be of interest to your readers.

I'm curious to know how this sort of approach has fared elsewhere.

Keep up the good work.

Josh Green
Curbed Atlanta

Chauffeur cars Sydney

I like this blog.


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