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Aaron Antrim

One advantage I've heard quickway systems offer is a decrease or elimination of transfer wait times. I saw a presentation by the Mission Group a few years ago where they said passengers perceive wait times as roughly between 2-5 times longer than time spent onboard the vehicle, if I remember correctly.


Wait times for any purpose (whether at origin of trip or transferring) are usually weighted at least 2x in models. Again, this reflects average rather than best case waiting conditions. See my earlier post on this at:


Also, I don't believe it factors in the convenience that can derive from real-time information, which can turn a five minute wait into four minutes doing something else followed by a one minute wait. I would love to see some research on that.


Politically, I wonder if shared use (as with the Seattle Light Rail / Bus Tunnel) would ease the change (until there are so many trains there's no room for buses any more).

Matt Miller

A number of your map links are now broken.

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