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"Remarkably, the station kept functioning throughout the construction."

Not quite. In fact there were widespread disruptions, with some trains periodically diverted away from the station, and many others running non-stop through it for weeks at a time.

There were also concerns about cost over-runs, wind flows through the platforms in cold weather, and the name change (which was arguably both pointless and confusing to passengers) but it must be emphasised that the old station it replaced was dank, ugly, and thoroughly unappealing.


Well, I for one fail to see the value in a train station that is not conducive to loitering.



Interesting, I look forward to taking a look for myself in my upcoming visit to Australia. I'm new to your blog, and just wanted to say I enjoy it quite much. Keep up the great posts!

- urban planner in the bay area.

Cap'n Transit

And when you saw Southern Cross for the first time, you understood why you came that way?


I recently read that the roof is designed to naturaly extract the diesel fumes from the trains without the need for artifical ventilation. (The suburban rail network is electric, but the regional trains run on diesel).

Jeffrey Bridgman

This reminds me of Kyoto station in Japan.
It has an huge atrium but not a single bench... or trash can for that matter. It is a beautiful piece of architecture but a terrible place to spend any time in. It almost as if they don't want you to stay. It seems to me that as train station should almost be a type of public space and should have amenities like benches to let people sit down and rest, for example.

Melbourne Hotels

i get interested of your blog knowing that it posts good views and shots. the waves of the southern cross station is nice.

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