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The last one looks like the map of a city, with the silver lines representing either light rail lines or freeways. For the sake of this mythical city, I hope it's not the latter.


I wish you would come to Kansas City and help us. Tons of underused rail lines leading to a central station absolutely begging to be made into commuter rail network. 2 Million+ people and little to no public transport. HELP!

Jarrett at HumanTransit.org

They are all maps of the city, at different points in its history. The last one begins to show the future network of tram corridors extending east and north, but I'm sure they were just dirt roads at that time.

Ed O

The last map is a representation of East Berlin and the border between the coloured and non-coloured parts of the map is the line of the Berlin Wall. I think this probably would have been the 'Berlin today' map in the series when these works were created.

This is a nice reminder of the sort of propaganda foisted on East Germans at the time, where in the City's long history, somehow at sometime, West Berlin just falls off the map. Here East Berlin is vividly represented, while West Berlin is a visual blank. I guess at the time it was considered by the government to be a foreign country and not part of the capital of the GDR. More a political than an historical map - cool and serene perhaps on an aesthetic level, but an intriguing snapshot of the times, nevertheless.

Thomas Doehler

hi, nice picsfrom the u-bahn. i have find a nice map from berlin: http://www.berlin.citysam.de/stadtplan-berlin.htm the other one is like a travel guide with all sightseeing buildings in berlin and potsdam with "brandenburger tor, castle sanssouci, castle charlottenburg, the humbold university, the german reichstag, the siegessäule, the potsdamer place an many more.." http://www.berlin.citysam.de/berlin-reisefuehrer.htm - i hope you get little insipration from berlin. regards thomas

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