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Dean Alterman

Do you remember our contest to use Fareless Square, before the bus mall, as a sort of obstacle course and chase scene?

Jarrett at HumanTransit.org

@dean.  Very, very vaguely!


I'll take your concluding statements to heart (as a blathering urbanist). When I moved to my TOD townhouse, and walked to the transit station and spent time on the streets, that was a euphoric feeling of liberation.

Though I've yet to purchase one, I also had a quiver of this sensation when I first handled an ipad. It was not just the feeling of immediacy touching the interface, but the notion that I could leave my book bag behind now and truly be "free" to be out there in the world, with even more connection to it.

(This is not a commercial for Apple, believe me... I'm still way too calvinist to own an Apple product, sorry Steve Jobs.)


I was obsessed with maps as a kid too - I collected them, drew them, the works. Many years later now I do corporate software development but I like to think that the map obsession makes me better at my job because I am very conscious of things like design and usability. Many of the same 'rules' that make a good map are transferable to other disciplines.


Wow! This is fascinating.


Jarrett - You sound a lot like me but I got sidetracked into a different career...but would love to do what you do. How'd you manage to get that gig?

Jarrett at HumanTransit.org

Jeff.  Which gig?  Human Transit?  It's an all-volunteer effort.  Re getting into transit planning, see here:


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