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Chris B

Toronto has something similar:



Moscow also has something a bit like this: Vystovochnaya station, where the mezzanine is used for exhibitions of various kinds. Right now it's all kinds of photos of the construction and history of the Paris Metro, given as a gift by RATP on the occasion of the Moscow Metro's 75th year of operation. It's even kind of educational: I learned that when the Paris Metro gives one of their iconic station entrances as a gift to another city, it's in exchange for some artwork for their own Metro.


A delightful set of experiences for millions of weary commuters.

Dan W

I am hoping the upcoming Fairfax station on the westside extension of the Purple Line in Los Angeles will include something similar as LACMA is right there.

Tom West

Toronto's museum station (which serves the Royal Ontario Museuem) has something similar - see http://bit.ly/bCrWv1


@Dan W, I am hoping not. I like my LACMA art without markers, stickers or key etchings.


People should note that Louvre Rivoli is NOT the station of the Louvre museum.
The station that serve the Louvre museum is 300m further or the next station on the line 1 "Palais Royal Musée du Louvre", it is directly connected to the Louvre via "Caroussel du Louvre" underground shopping mall.


Congreso de Tucumán Station of the Buenos Aires Subte has exhibits of transport history. Tronador Station has a Glyptodon unburied during the construction of the line B...

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