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Leo @ HK

To me, as a Hong Konger, Singapore's public housing is not as packed as ours! They look pretty spacious! To be serious, this could be the only way housing works in such a small piece of land for its population.
Another striking similarity is, HK's official also dismisses the transport function of bicycle (as least in the urban area), and refrains it to merely recreational. Only in recent year does it admit its feeder role in the suburb.

Power of Plebis

Great post! You give us armchair travelers and would-be Singaporeans a peek into what life is like beyond the CBD. When I travel, one of the first things I do is to get on a city bus to check out the periphery, and here you have brought it to me. You've also nicely framed the challenges of planning for bicyclists (heck, planning for everyone by safeguarding the safety of cyclists in particular) in an Eastern society that seems to tilt west.

>Generations of many families have known no other form of housing. It's >home. And it certainly packs the trains.

It's interesting to consider the degree of social homogeneity and conformity that must be required to keep estates (as shown here) free of crime and tagging. I guess Singapore can make it work.
Presumably there's much we can learn here in the States about housing and mass transit, if we lent half an ear to it.


Wow man, I lived in Ang Mo Kio, and that was my MRT station! I did a post on the neighborhood a while back,

The bike situation is rough. Nobody ever bikes on the roads, and it is a bit hot, but you can bike from one end of the island to the other easily. Check out east coast park, that's the best area for biking. Maybe Bukit Timah too, but too many hills.

There's a huge effort to make the entire coast of the island into one long bike park. The various parks and water catchments in the middle are being slowly linked by greenways as well. Many of the bikes you see there probably ride to Bishan Park often.

You picked up on my biggest problem with AMK. It rains every day and most areas have good covered walkways. It's possible to walk from one end of AMK to the other without getting wet just by walking through the void decks of the HDBs and taking the covered walkways. The train system is elevated, which makes for fantasic views as you shoot around the island, but the area under it is generally poorly planned. Some area like by Choa Chu Kang do have bike paths and walkways underneath, but the area between AMK and Bishan is a complete failure. I should be able to walk south from AMK station protected from rain under the train, but it's full of concrete and staircases.

The elevated train lines should be major rain-protected greenways, but they're not!


RE: Architecture. Looks a lot like Brazil to me. Ugly buildings, but gives no indication to the luxury (or lack of) inside.

"Cycling will never be popular in Singapore; it's just too hot and humid."

Standard response found everywhere in the world. Too hot, too cold. Too far, too steep. Roads too narrow, roads too wide. Obviously, the logic is not logic at all. Copenhagen is cold and wet. San Francisco is foggy and steep. And yet, people bike.

Jordan 8

Count your age with friends but not with years. Good luck to you!!

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