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When i lived in China, rogue private mini-buses would arrive at major stops moments before the scheduled bus, and everyone would get on. By virtue of charging fractionally less and doing stops on demand, they effectively cannibalised the market.

If this bus had a card reader it might be more official. Are you certain it was an official card reader?

Angus Grieve-Smith
(Yes, I know how to straighten crooked photos. This is the actual lean of the sign!)
Okay, so we know how you'd do on a rod-and-frame test. Is that connected to spatial navigation?
Jarrett at HumanTransit.org

@Angus.  Probably yes!  Jarrett


I think its great that the private sector was providing bus service. Cannibalizing sales? Why is the government paying for a route that per your description, is already provided for by private enterprise?


It's a good sign, I guess, when private enterprise is INTERESTED in providing private bus/jitney service.

Here in Portland, the only way to make money in public transit is by being a bus driver getting paid union scale. :)

Alon Levy

JM: the main bus company, SBS, is already privately run. So is the main subway company, SMRT. Both are highly profitable.

Jarrett: did the Kranji express bus accept ezLink?

Jarrett at HumanTransit.org

@Alon. Yes, I saw most passengers waving their cards at a card reader, which looked just like the ones in the MTR and on standard buses. I was the only one paying cash, and the driver just had me throw the coins in the old farebox; he didn't care how much they were.

So obviously this thing has some relationship with LTA, though it may just be a regulator-provider interaction under the old model.

Chen Munn

hokay... now let me debunk thy myths....
1. The sign is not the LTA logo. It's the public transit logo.
2. MRT. MTR is in Hong Kong.
3. The Kranji Express is a legit service under the Premium Bus Service scheme. Passengers pay a little more for comfort and a guaranteed seat, and of course a speedier alternative to the 925. It's part of the government's plan to encourage more commuters to shift to public transport. The Premium Service is a choice mode.
4. Cash boxes - although 'old' - are for the convenience of commuters who may not have enough on their prepaid EZLink card, or for tourists who don't have the card.
5. The unique number above the location sign is the bus stop number. It's another form of identification, just like we also have unique numbers for cars and even lamp posts!
5. Bus services to Malaysia? No comments. :)

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