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I don't think you're focusing on the wrong things in life, but clearly there is a selection bias in this psuedo-stated preference survey :)

In all seriousness though, I get annoyed when my favorite blogs get so popular that they attract too many comments to peruse in a short time (e.g., Urbanophile). This one attracts a healthy and intelligent debate without being overwhelmingly voluminous.

It's perfect. Keep up the good work.


Perhaps a weekly lego feature is in order


One of the things I learned while using Mark Forster's DWM/AF [1], is that you need to make sure there's enough "fun" stuff in my DWM task lists. Else, I would have a tough time keeping myself "doing" the tasks on the list.

Perhaps, it's the same for readers of your blog posts.

That Lego Transit post prompts me to look out for it next I browse Toys R Us for my grandson (and get one for me too). TQ. ;-}

[1] http://www.markforster.net/

Yuri Artibise

'Link bait' is useful every once in a while, especially when it is still 'on topic' like the Lego piece. it brings new people to your site for the first time and even if most never come back, chance are you'll gain a few new fans who;ll stick around for the more serious stuff.

Alon Levy

It happened to my blog, once, too - I got linked on Daily Kos, and got a huge traffic bump for a day. But it subsided later, as my postings were not what the readers were looking for. The painstaking posts may not generate immediate benefits, but the readership increases they create last.


You in the right track buddy.


1) Try to think of it as a brief post about a tangential topic with broader appeal (legos) serving to lure in people who, hopefully, stay for the greater message.

2) I think you are mis-evaluating the meaning of your figures. I am sure many of us visit this site from work, although I don't, but I am also sure that many other readers have noticed a trend that I have noticed: you almost never post anything during the weekend. As A result, I rarely check your site during the weekend, as if I checked it Friday there won't be anything new.
I am not sure you can fight that tide on your own: even if you started posting new stuff 7 days a week, other related sites like Transport Politic or Infrastructurist don't post on the weekend, so a reader who tends to visit all his favorite transit-themed sites at once will not visit on saturday or sunday, and will have a lot of reading to do on monday's visit.
Bot mostly I think that saying that a significant drop in page views over the weekend means your readers are reading from work is a bit like if you were doing a comic 3 days a week and noticed a drop in page views on tuesday and thursday and decided that was because your readers visit from work and only work part time: is the more logical explanation not that people only tend to visit when they expect to find something new?


your blog was also linked to Transit Talent and the frequent network posts.

Alon Levy

@SpyOne: readership drops off over the weekend, regardless of whether there's new content. I kept posting on my blog through weekends, and still had a dropoff. So do other bloggers I talked to.

Paul C

Well I have to be honest and say I never did read your Lego article. :)

But since I'm using the rss feed. Unless there is something new in that feed. I won't check out the blog. One thing I'm wondering is I can read most of an article in my rss reader without having to go to the actual website. Does that show up as a page view or by only going to the website does it show up as a page view?

Aaron M. Renn

Obviously the more accessible/interesting the work to the general public, the higher your page views will be. I would guess that you are seeking the right kind of readership, not just page views to drive ad traffic. Doing fun posts (e.g., link bait) are great from time to time, but I think your quality of analysis is right on and is reaching the right audiences. I believe your traffic is also one of the best amongst independent urbanist sites.


Ha ha.
Perhaps you should do a post about Trainz and City Bus virtual games which allow you to build your own transit system and play in them!


@Brisbane. I have a full time job and a book to write, so I am not touching computer games. Feel free to draft a guest post, though!

Alon Levy

Book to write? Hmmm... When is it out? Is it geared for a technical or a general audience?

Jarrett at HumanTransit.org

@Alon.  It's out about 6 months after I finish a draft.  It's for a general audience, maybe even more general than HT's!

Alon Levy

I'm really happy to hear that your ideas will be getting broader exposure.

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