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Alon Levy

In the 1950s or 60s, the then-current incarnation of Second Avenue Subway led to complaints of this nature. Because there were no free bus-subway transfers, and the plan for SAS was for it to stick to Second Avenue, people in Alphabet City complained that it was a snob ride that would discriminate against their neighborhood.

Tom West

You might want to explain redlining for those outside of the USA... to my (British) ears, redlining is what you do when over-rev a car, and more generally implies pushing something beyond its sensisble limits.


Redlining was originally a term for the practice by banks of not providing loans to certain areas of cities that had large black populations and were therefore perceived as being risky. More broadly it has become a term for providing less services or charging more for these services in minority neighborhoods. Accusing an organization of redlining is fundamentally accusing them of racism. It was a lawsuit based on this kind of charge that halted rail development in Los Angeles for a decade.

Jarrett at HumanTransit.org

@Tom.  In my book, a link to a definition suffices, which I did on the first use of the word. 

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