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Peter Schmiedeskamp

What can you say to something like this? Let us all hope that the devastation here is ultimately less than we fear.

In Brisbane

Yes, thanks everyone all over the world for their support.

Our beautiful citycat network is ruined. It will have to be rebuilt. Some of the city's favourite places like South Bank are covered with water, and you need a boat to go down Coronation Drive.

The transit authorities have done a stellar job moving trains out of the yard and parking them nose-to-tail in giant "snakes" to get them out of mayne yard stabling which could be flooded. Skeleton bus and trains running.

Flood is peaking today- hopefully by the weekend we can return to our homes!

Michael D. Setty

Our beautiful citycat network is ruined.

I hope they managed to get the boats to a safe tie-up. Docks are relatively easy to replace.

In Brisbane

I don't know, the river was full of logs, pontoons and luxury boats hurtling down like missiles. Not sure where any of the citycats are.


Oh wow, who'da thought I worked directly across the road from you in Milton.

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