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Congratulations Jarrett on finishing your book. I can hardly wait to read it!


thanks for posting this - that's one seriously reasonable piece of writing, and I thus sincerely hope and wish you that it won't be greeted with questions about your bias or agenda.



Jarrett, will you be making any signed copies of the book available?

Joe Clark

You’re not seriously using that as cover typography, let alone cover “design.”


ehh the typography's okay, but as much as I like rainbows they don't really work here.

Jarrett at HumanTransit.org

Wad.  We'll figure that out, down the line!  Jarrett

Ryan Keefe

I am excited to see this post and will definitely get it when it comes out. I hope sometime you come to D.C. so that I can see and talk to you about it. Also the signed copies would be awesome


Given that you are involving a publisher, I assume that the book will be available in dead tree form, as well as in various electronic formats... correct?

At any rate, the good folks at Powells have classified it in "Automotive-General". :(


Amazon at least got the category right (and, unsurprisingly, has it cheaper than Powells):


Both bookseller websites are presently displaying different cover art than you have above...

Dan W. in Los Angeles, California, USA

Congratulations, Jarrett!!! That's just great.

Jarrett at HumanTransit.org

Yes, dead trees and electrons will both be available. 

John W

This might be a good example of not judging a book by it's cover. The text is, as always, very well written. I will probably buy the book. However, I also dislike the cover. It doesn't grab my attention. The picture fits the theme, but isn't compelling to me. Graphically, there are too many colors and too many font sizes. I'm not sure what I dislike about the rainbow theme. It seems too cliche, or touchy-feeley, or maybe just childish.

Harold Winthrop

Congratulations on the book getting close to publication. I'll definitely purchase a copy when it's available. May have to wait until you're next in Melbourne to get my copy signed!

Dan W. in Los Angeles, California, USA

I loved the Introduction. I cannot wait to (buy and) read the whole thing!


Congratulations Jarrett! Your book will help clarify the discussion on transit. I like your focus on being a facilitator rather than a prognosticator.


Congratulations on finishing the book!!! I hope it becomes a best seller and that its recommendations are widely discussed and applied.

A Facebook User

Congratulations! Is there any discussion in your book about the impact public transportation has on physical activity?

Theresa Roach

Congratulations! Is there any discussion in your book about the impact public transportation has on physical activity?

Jarrett at HumanTransit.org

FB User.  There are many books on the advantages of transit; my focus is more on what planners and advocates need to understand about how transit works.  I do emphasize though that transit requires walking, that it may require more walking in the future, and that this can be a good thing!  J.

Jarrett at HumanTransit.org

See note to FB user above.

Theresa Roach

Thanks for the quick response! (this is the FB User). While my work focuses on the health benefits of public transit I think this will be a good resource for me as an advocate.

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