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When I was in high school, I lived in NYC, and actually did the whole "going to every station" thing over the course of seceral months, inspired by a friend who had done the same. I even had a map where I marked off lines as I visited them. I did the same for some of the local commuter systems too, getting most of Metro North and NJT, but never quite getting to 100%. I also kind of more casually do that in any new city that I move to, so I've done all of the San Jose light rail system, Muni and BART, and all of Metro Rail and most of Metrolink in LA. I guess it appeals to some sense of exploration, and helps me fill in the blanks on my mental map of the city. I've never tried the one-day challenges, and I don't think I'd enjoy it as much, because after a couple hours on a subway train, I tend to get sick of it.


I believe Mr. Fisher has lost the Chicago L record:

Chris B

I think most people reading this blog will say that they are a little jealous! We are probably all a little weird! Just two weeks ago, I was in New York for the first time and very excited to ride the subway...


When I was younger I used to stare at the street map of my city and wonder how long it would take to drive down every street. Visiting our train stations might be a lot more manageable! Although because melbourne has a radial system I think there would be a lot of inefficiency in going back to the centre to ride each line. Perhaps I could bike between them. Would that be allowed?

Tara G

Really, a witness statement? I wonder that there isn't a way to (even more authoritatively) manage it using digital cameras or something like that?


After reading about Ian Marchant doing it in London in his book Parallel Lines, I mentioned it to a mate, and he suggested we do it in Adelaide. We added the tram, the busway and at the end of each line a beer. It was a nice way to spend the day. I believe they are called bashes.


Looks like Adham's making an attempt with the Toronto system: http://www.thestar.com/news/transportation/article/1159991--british-transit-enthusiast-aims-at-a-speed-record-for-visiting-subway-stations

Removal Man

I used to be a train driver in the UK Now I do House Removals I can imagine how you could want to visit every station but good on ya! If your setting records that's great lets hope you get the recognition you deserve after all there are things in the Guinness book of records that are plain silly. I wounder if i can get in the records for moving the contents of 3 houses in one day! Did that a few weeks back very tough day! good luck with your travels!

Michael@Taxis to Heathrow

I had no idea that there was a challenge like this - but isn't it a challenge being on public transport everyday?

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