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al m

WOW-your getting big time Jarret.
Gonna have offices all around the world like one of the news organizations?

Bruce Powers, ASLA, PLA

Please give me a call at 503-206-6024. I have a lot of transit experience and I am a registered landscape architect in Oregon. I have recently established a small design firm and I am seeking opportunities for collaboration. I also know a great person who could help you with many of the production needs you mentioned. I am very flexible on schedule and willing to do whatever I can to help you.

David in Ottawa

Wouldn't an "absolutely need to have" include the right to work in the United States?

Miles Bader

@David in Ottowa
Work visas can be obtained...

[annoying for Jarret of course, and adds uncertainty, but ...]

Jarrett at HumanTransit.org

David and Miles.  If you are going to accuse me of any anti-Canadian bias you face a mound of contrary documents going back years.  As I said, I don't recommend moving to Portland, i.e. to the US, just for this particular opportunity, so I was not focused on those details. 

Miles Bader

[post deleting...?!]

If my previous (deleted) post was too short, let me expand:

I don't read David's comment as implying anything about bias, and I certainly didn't intend anything negative at all (negative interpretations never even occurred to me!).

My interpretation of David's comment was that he was just observing that you have an international readership (maybe more so than most blogs), so that this is an issue that would be good to address in your posting; he seemed to assume, however that (as is often the case for small companies) it's basically the applicant's responsibility to deal with visa issues.

I was just pointing out that the omission doesn't necessarily imply that international applicants would be entirely on their own...

Jarrett at HumanTransit.org

Miles, that's fine.  When I hire for positions that are long-term enough to be worth moving to the US for, I'll be clear about those issues. 


That sounds like a cool job! Unfortunately I am in the wrong country and getting established in interior design. However, this ad hits a whole bunch of my abilities and interests, so I shall have to remember this, in case I need a change of career and scene.

Therefore, I signal-boosted this over to a hangout of mine likely to have suitable geeks for you. I hope some of them will be good fits!

David in Ottawa


Miles' interpretation of my comment was quite correct vi-à-vis the international readership, but I would just add to it a bit:

It's just the way you've written the post it seems like you may well be expanding further, in which case a six-month opportunity now is not quite the same thing as a six-month opportunity with little or no prospect for extension. For anyone not gainfully employed the risk calculus here is actually pretty favourable towards moving to Portland, and even if it weren't the possibility of just being able to live and work in a transit-related job in Portland for six months would be valuable experience for anyone interesting in transit and urban planning, including for non-Americans.

In that context, it would not be beyond the realm of the conceivable that this would be open to non-Americans as well. Perhaps you've just underestimated the potential appeal.

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