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Awesome. I wish people got that excited about riding the bus in real life.

Andrew in Ezo

All was missing was an aerial establishing shot `a la Jerry Bruckheimer.

Jeffrey Bridgman

It made me laugh :)
If it can make people laugh, it might be good enough to give them some good will... maybe a little less frustration the next time they're stopped waiting behind a bus letting people off and on (although that might not happen, as the commercial suggest they have bus lanes).


Perhaps LA's Metro should hire some local talent to do something like this once they get those lanes striped on Wilshire.

Eric Doherty

Love it. And I think it is best seen and titled as a parody of car ads. "If transit was advertised like a car"

What it really shows is how ridiculous car, SUV and pickup ads are.


I grew up in a small city that didn't have any transit system. I hadn't managed to pass the drivers test either so my world was very small.
When I was in my 20s I moved to larger city and discovered the bus system. It was so amazing. For a small price per month I could go anywhere. Also the social environment of people riding it was something new for me.
So I can totally relate to this ad.

Zoltán Connell

"It is big and long"

Not even trying to be subtle, then.

Nate Wessel

I absolutely love this! Regardless of what the piece literally says of the bus, it indirectly shows a transit agency that is engaging, sarcastic, bold...dare I say personable? This is branding at it's best.

I wish my local agencies were even half so willing to take chances on marketing as this. If I see one more hesitant ad about saving gas money...

Peter Parker

Good imagery, but would have been good to mention a couple more service characteristics. Eg frequency if this is a saleable number (it's approximately hourly for Route 223 which from the pictures is mainly a rural route)

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