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Can anybody tell me if there are parking minimums in Sydney, and if so any details about them?


Doesn't the 15-minute grace period eliminate the "ease of enforcement" benefit that SF enjoys, because it means an enforcement officer still has to go down the block chalking tires and return 15 minutes later to see who hasn't moved?

Also, I would think this might even encourage more people to risk a ticket because they might figure "I'll only be 15-20 minutes" and want to try not to pay. I could be wrong, so I'm interested to see what happens and if citation revenue would, in fact, go down.


Have any results of the San Francisco parking reforms been made available? The promised benefits were supposed to be reduced traffic congestion, improved safety for cyclists and pedestrians, and improved business. It's been long enough now to start seeing some of these benefits emerging. Have the buses and streetcars in SF been able to adjust their schedules to incorporate faster journey times? There must have been some very impressive and convincing results coming out of SF to make Auckland want to jump the same way.

Stuart Donovan

Simon, yes I believe there are minimums in Sydney outside of the central city area.

RichardC, I believe some form of (short) grace period already applied in Auckland before vehicles were ticketed. So the proposed changes simply formalises/publicises what wardens were doing anyway.

EN57, yes some results are available through the SFpark website. I'm not sure why you need "impressive and convincing results" to make these changes though? Is it not sufficient to a) observe that current on-street parking approaches are failing (at least in Auckland) and b) think logically through what you might do to make them work better?

I think that's the approach Auckland has taken learning from SFpark's experience but adapting it to the local context.

Stuart Donovan

Correction: I've been advised that it's a 10 minute grace period. That's pretty easy for a warden to manage ... indeed they tend to give people a bit of leeway anyway (that's the NZ way!).

Nate Wessel

Hopefully Cincinnati is next! My neighborhood community council and I have been working with the City for a couple years on a plan to create a system of market-priced monthly permits in combination with the addition of on-street meters(also market priced) where currently there is only unlimited "free" parking and monstrous congestion.

Andre Lot

The policies are interesting, so far as they are coupled with a free reign for private developer build as much off-street underground parking spaces as they want.

Once a firm commitment for market-based on-street pricing is set, it can also trigger more private investment on the off-street alternatives, which is good anyway.


As I understand it, Los Angeles is already implementing this too (though I don't know about the removal of time limits on the affected meters): http://www.laexpresspark.org/

But the 10 minute grace period should be easy to monitor if the meters include sensors - the parking enforcement people just need to get one alert whenever a car is parked in a space that is not paid, and another alert after 9 or 10 minutes of this status to actually go put the ticket on. Or maybe just the 10 minute alert, depending on how frequently people are using the grace period.

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Jaakko Wuori

That is the real fact,parking is never enough because of the fact that there are still some people making trouble in a wrong parking things.In Finland even there are a lot of parking control services i admit that parking is not enough to all the vehicles because the more is the vehicles that number the less of the parking lots.

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