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Morgan Wick

Let's see, how shall I perform my civic duty? By distilling all my positions and thoughts into a single choice between two people both of whom will probably think mostly of their post-politics careers over anything else, or work to convince people of my position and thus hope to move the center, which ultimately determines the direction of the country, closer to where I am?


You can do both!


If anyone is still having transit related issues and needs to get a ride, you can find people who will take you along in exchange for helping cover the cost of gas, tolls and parking here: http://us.amovens.com/en. Drivers can make a few bucks in exchange for helping people out.

Kamala Rao

Thanks, Jarrett!! Re: your voting comment. (I already did, btw, which is why I get to make this comment...and complain in the future, apparently:)


It's times like this when you realize how few and far apart inter-borough connections are, and how trips are almost always easier when going through Manhattan.

Unfortunately, I'm not old enough to vote, so I guess complaining about things is a luxury now :(


Here is a timeline of maps chronicling the restoration of subway service so far. I will continue to update it as more reopenings are announced.

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