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It'd be great if Google incorporated estimated parking time into the driving estimates. Would show that transit times are actually more competitive...

Alen Teplitsky

looks cool but i rarely search for transit since i know where all the subway trains go in NYC

i wish google had better driving directions. they currently route shortest route even if its backed up with traffic

Tom West

Does it still include the traditional style trip planner? Those of us living in areas with low frequency/peak-only transit routes, or who *must* be somewhere by a given time, or who want to know when we'll be home if we leave *now*... we still need the traditional option.

Beta Magellan

@Alen Teplitsky The same’s an issue for transit maps if you live in a city with heavy arterial transit—during the afternoon peak in Chicago a slightly-roundabout rail trip might take less time than a more direct bus trip along, say, Western. I made this mistake once, and ultimately I regretted not trusting my instincts and going with Google’s recs.

JB Maur

Google maps is getting better. It has been the first to allow multipoint trip planner. Allowing people to choose their trip by frequency or by speed is way better... but not perfect yet.

Actually, trip planning tools are always thought for one use only: I go from point A to point B.

A perfect trip panner would allow people to had activity points. Exemple: I go from point A, make a grocery stop for 1 hour, and go to point B. THAT would be a real trip planner.


Been playing around with the new maps this morning... It's ok. Might take some getting used to. Looks nice at first glance, but the way it continually changes as you click on things can be disorienting.

The performance is rather slow, and I think hampers some of the usability. They've also gotten rid of the transit "layer" and you now have to search for "Transit," or click on a station to get those lines and info to show up.

Todd Boulanger

The other issue I hope Google addresses is the problem of trying to transfer between two transit systems...especially when one is not yet Google friendly (CTRAN), it would be nice to have a note as such and show the closest point where the Google friendly transit (TRIMET) drops you off vs. a route that includes Amtrak service a day later.

Todd Boulanger

I also hope that Google's next app succeeds by teaming with/ integrating the features that TripGo has for Chicago...in the ability to compare different modes in travel time and cost, etc. It would also be nice to have the ability to add bicycling as a bimodal option to transit like the walking function is now. Plus adding bike parking locations like Bikestation, where they exist.

Miles Bader

Yeah, the current Google maps is pretty decent at transit routing (infinitely better than Apple maps!!), but has some definite odd quirks that could be smoothed over...

I've found the current maps doesn't really do a good job of dealing with express trains, which can vastly speed up a trip. It seems to know about them, but doesn't seem willing to slightly pessimize other legs of a trip to take advantage of express service on the "major leg", something a human will usually do.

E.g. for my work-home trip, I find Google maps always recommends I walk to a small train station that only has local train service, when in fact it's almost always much faster to walk slightly farther (and by "farther" I mean like 50m!) to a major station which not only is an express stop, but also is vastly better connected with the surrounding city (many more entrances, dedicated pedestrian over/underpasses, etc).

Miles Bader

@Todd Boulanger
Can't you already easily compare modes to some extent in google maps, just by choosing your end points, and then clicking on the "by car", "by transit", "by bicycle" (in some places), etc, buttons? It will quickly show the trip by the chosen mode...

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