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Auckland's Northern Busway is somewhat similar: http://www.busway.co.nz/

It has been a pretty huge success story here, although doesn't carry the huge amount of passengers that Brisbane's does.... yet!


Out of curiosity, any reason why this couldn't/shouldn't have been done with rail?

Jarrett at HumanTransit.org

Grvsmith: You bet there's a reason why this is busway instead of rail. Two
really big ones.

1. Cost. To build this line as light rail, you'd have had to build every
bit of the busway's infrastructure, plus lay rails and overhead wire. You'd
have also had to build a rail operating base directly on the line, whereas
the busway's buses can run from any operating base nearby.

2. Flexibility. Buses can run along part of the busway, then branch off to
serve other destinations. For more on that, and its limitations, see this


Cheers, Jarrett

Elyse Lowe

Check out the plan Move San Diego designed based on Brisbane


You know I never thought I'd say this -- in theory I don't mind proper busways if they're actually cheaper than rail -- but I'm really not fond of the look of that asphalt. Ballasted track is not only better from a drainage point of view, but more attractive looking. It also looks tired, bumpy and in need of replacement. How's the ride on the buses? I get motion sickness. But not in trains, only in buses.

I also wonder what the comparative rates of trespass are. Oh, and how's the diesel smell? (Though trolleybuses or even CNG buses would deal with that.)

It's also startlingly wide. That's a four-track/four-lane right-of-way there -- it's a damn big footprint. I suppose Brisbane simply doesn't have the demand to need a four-track rail line, or perhaps even a two-track rail line. But apparently it needed this much space to run the buses efficiently?!?

John Wirtz

How is the cost recovery ratio? I recall hearing from Alan Hoffman at a BRT conference that the routes on the SE Busway actually make money, a rarity in the world of public transit.


Nathanael: The wide bits are at stations; the side lanes are stopping bays. Most of the busway is 1 lane each way (well, a lane and a shoulder).

Duke of Brisbane

Friend the busway is nice and such for them fine folks in them ghetto ass suburbs in the South East, but what about the fine folks in the rest of Brisbane Town? Brisbane Town needs a much better transport system all because our fine CBD is in a secluded semi-inaccessible island pinched off from the rest of Brisbane Town and it makes me sad friend.

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