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Darryl Rosin

the Citycats were moved into Moreton Bay on Tuesday and are berthed at Manly.


In Brisbane

Video here:


I went through a major flood in in the region near St. Louis in 1993, I understand the difficulties. The Mississippi (and Missouri) Rivers are a powerful force.

You probably aren't ready to think about it yet, but, since you are a designer, the major question is how to rebuild with the river in mind?

I don't believe the question was thoroughly aired in the St. Louis Region, as a result it there are more flooding risks than previously. These concerns especially are important if major floods recur every 50 years in Brisbane and surroundings as I have heard on the news.

The Missouri/ Mississippi River Valley has(had) vast bottomlands. it is heavily channelized now. Is there similarities or differences to Brisbane? (Also is there a global warming theory of less ice, more water equals more rain floating around?)

Anyway Good Luck

In Brisbane

@ GMichaud

Unfortunately, there is just no way to engineer one's way out of something like this. We had a nice big dam upstream constructed after 1974's floods, it reached 190% of capacity (i.e. 90% flood storage used up) so water had to be released, which has gone downstream.

Many "Queenslander" type homes are built on stilts. These allow water to go straight underneath- unfortunately the newer buildings are on flat concrete slabs, and these newer building can't do that.

jack horner

Rising water certainly focusses the mind on small height differences.

I once live on a reclaimed-swamp-at-the-bottom-of-the-hill street in inner Sydney. You would think the street was flat, but in fact one end was probably a foot or two higher than the other. I was grateful for that extra foot when the water was lapping at the underside of the floor joists.


A posting from you must mean you are okay. I'm so sorry to hear about the massive flooding. I've been praying for Australia as I hear and see more coverage.

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