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Mike Williams

"One thing that struck me was there there is still a ton of parking on Parisian streets!"

After two years of living in France, I would note that irrespective of street parking provided, the French will still park wherever they like, even if that includes across pedestrian corners, across tight corners, or in various towaway zones. I have yet to see a parking inspector!


re: street parking, my guess/observations are that planners recognize that Parisiens are liable to park or stop in the right-hand lane no matter the signage, thereby stalling travel to the almost same degree whether the lane is a parking lane or travel lane. I think it's more of a resignation to the ingrained habits of the locals than a deliberate policy. That being said, when I was there this past winter, I found it interesting to see so many side streets configured as a one-way travel lane bounded by two parking lanes, instead of prioritizing two-way travel over an extra lane of street parking as is the trend in North America.


Picture number 2: I thought I was hallucinating. A SuperShuttle van in Paris. They're everywhere!

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